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Account security and your firm

Phil Johnson, OneLaw CEO

Account security needs to be paramount in the safe, successful running of your business. Phil Johnson has plenty of experience in this area, and knows exactly what you need to do to prevent invoice fraud happening at your firm. He shares his top tips.

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Blockchain_thumbnail.pngBlockchain 101

Phil Johnson, OneLaw CEO

Blockchain is claimed to be potentially the largest business disruptor and opportunity platform of the modern age. It seems to be the latest thing everyone is talking about, but what could it mean for your firm? 

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Effective_firm_leadership_thumbnail.JPGEffective firm leadership

Meryll Waters, law firm consultant

Do you have responsibility to lead within your firm? Leadership isn't an easy thing - Meryll understand that after many years working as a CEO assisting in the development of a regional firm into a national practice. She shares a few thoughts on effective leadership.

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Tim_Maffey_white_paper_thumbnail_final.jpgFraud detection and prevention

Tim Maffey, independent trust account consultant

Prevention is the best strategy when it comes to fraud - by the time you notice something a little off, it could be too late. Tim Maffey is an expert in the area, he shows you how to safeguard your firm.

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Planning_for_a_firm_split_thumbnail.pngPlanning for a firm split

Karyn Close, former law firm CEO and Director at Organise IT Ltd

A firm or partnership split can feel a bit like a divorce - first there is the emotional decision, then the practical steps to go through. There is a lot to think about, but the process can be made much easier with the help of someone who has coached firms through the steps many times before.

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Taking_charge_of_your_inbox_thumnail_final.jpgTaking charge of your inbox

Phil Johnson, OneLaw CEO

Is your inbox getting out of control? Too many demands on your time? Phil Johnson has developed an extremely effective four-step strategy to take charge of your inbox, freeing up your time to focus on what matters most to you.

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