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Why us?

Moving to OneLaw is fast and easy. 

OneLaw from OneLaw on Vimeo.

OneLaw from OneLaw on Vimeo.

Data Migration

OneLaw has made it simple and hassel-free to change systems.

We have developed an industry-leading data migration process which reduces data errors and ensures all data is transferred successfully.  Our simple three step process minimises the impact on your staff and practice, and users are up and running with less than a day of catch up processing.  

Our custom-built data migration utility checks the integrity of your data, fixing any 'broken' data we find.  The OneLaw system is up and running on day one with no additional configuration required.  As all historical data is successfully transferred your legacy system can be permanently turned off.

Training and Support

All support and training is provided within New Zealand by our network of experienced support staff.  Our trainers and support team all have extensive experience working in the New Zealand legal industry.

We have a dedicated team of expert Data Migration Specialists, Consultants, Installation Technicians and Trainers to ensure your move to OneLaw is swift and accurate.

Our intuitive and easy to use system requires minimal training and support.  Whenever support or advice is needed our email and phone helpdesk is available during standard office hours and is included in the licensing fee.

Why OneLaw?


Simple yet powerful

  • Simple and easy to use with minimal training
  • Considerably increases productivity and efficiency by simplifying daily tasks and saving users time
  • More time spent on client matters improves client relationships and client satisfaction, increasing your firm's competitive edge
  • Intuitive software makes it easy for new users to adjust and significantly reduces the impact of changing systems

New Zealand owned and developed

  • Locally owned and developed specifically for New Zealand law firms
  • Responsive development and client input ensures we provide what firms need
  • Continuous development and regular updates to meet the industry's evolving requirements

Latest technologies

  • A powerful system with advanced search features makes it easier and faster to locate the information you need
  • A scalable solution to suit firms with one to many users

Best of breed

  • Legal practice and document management software is all we do
  • We focus on developing the best software and providing the best after-sales service available
  • An end-to-end practice management solution that does everything you need it to, without additional, unwanted features

How can we help?

If you're interested in practice management services developed specifically for the needs of New Zealand law firms, we'd love to speak with you. To find out more about our services and how we've helped other firms like yours, simply give us a call on 03 339 6202 or CONTACT US for a full demonstration.

Download the OneLaw information brief:

OneLaw Information Brief (pdf)

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We'd love to talk to you about how we can help.  Call us today to find out more or to request a demonstration of the full OneLaw solution.  

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