Why choose local?

February 08, 2017 at 10:30 AM

Hokey pokey ice cream, jandals, barbeques by the beach… there’s nothing quite like Kiwi.

As New Zealanders we are pretty proud of our country and what we have to offer. And while we’re not the sorts to go building walls or shutting people out (not naming any names), we do have something very special to protect here.

Kiwis are good at that ‘number eight wire’ attitude, where a little ingenuity and a nifty pocketknife go a long way.

We like that.

That’s why, when one of our founders, Doug Thomson, started being approached by law firms back in 2009 – people wanting a better solution for their practice management systems – he sat up, he listened, and he thought “why not?”.

Doug spoke to tech company owner and friend Phil Johnson, who recalls: “We could see that a lot of the systems were international systems that were being driven by overseas companies. We thought there was a niche to build a modern, streamlined practice management system, developed for New Zealand.”

Phil and Doug got their heads together, and that was the genesis of OneLaw.

From there it was a few years of incredibly hard work, developing a practice management system that would fit the unique needs of New Zealand law firms.

It was absolutely essential to get it right, Doug said: “An easy-to-use product, locally supported, that’s what was required and that’s what we built.”

We worked with our customers through the development process – the very ones who asked for a new system to be developed - and that’s why the likes of Pam Brian, Manager at White Fox and Jones, like it so much.

“We chose OneLaw as our practice management system here at White Fox & Jones because it was written in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, rather than being something that had been adapted from something written for a completely different system to ours,” she said.

Many others are obviously in agreement. OneLaw has a client base of 60+ firms now, and growing with new signups almost every week.

As we gain momentum, we can offer better support and develop in line with our customers’ needs. We talk to them, they talk to us – no waiting on 0800 numbers, no overseas call centre.

Our support team are based in the Bay of Plenty and Canterbury. They’re experienced law industry professionals with a keen knowledge of the NZ law system.

We’re absolutely, 100% committed to New Zealand. Too many overseas corporations come in, hungry for new clients and wanting a slice of the market. But it’s when they either A) See larger opportunities elsewhere, or B) Don’t grab the customer base needed to finance their business, that they up stakes and leave town, leaving customers high and dry like a tuatua on the beach.

Clear and effective communication is often something you’ll miss from a large multi-national that doesn’t care about little old New Zealand. We’re all about little old New Zealand, and we’re passionate about seeing your business thrive.

Go on, work with us. We’ll find you a solution (and maybe a flat white, too).


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