The true worth of your practice management system

October 05, 2016 at 10:00 AM

What is the true cost of your practice management system?

It’s a simple question, but when you dig below the surface it can be difficult to answer.  

This is much bigger than just your monthly fee, we’re talking about value for money – what your system returns to you and how it helps you operate your business more successfully.

This isn’t to say we’re not proud of our pricing, in fact here’s a wee quote to convince you otherwise, from Robyn Smillie at Harris Tate Lawyers in Tauranga: “Some prices we were looking at would seriously make you fall off your chair. They were trying to charge us four times what OneLaw offered.”

But that wee brag aside (we’re sorry, we couldn’t help it), what questions do you need to answer when you go to calculate the cost of your practice management system?

Is it an asset or a liability?

This is the big question.

The cost of your system isn’t about the actual dollar value you pay. It’s about what you get in return for that dollar.

The key to this is having a real hard look at your current system. Does it operate quietly in the background, allowing you to do your work, or does it slow you down?

If you are a larger firm, it will also be worth speaking to people across all departments. How do your admin staff find the software? What about your trust accountants? Your lawyers?  If you’re a sole practitioner, you might want to think about your own different areas of work.

Could your system be working better for you?

Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to practice management systems. It’s the complete opposite.

Knowing your options, what’s on the market and how it could help you operate better is absolutely essential if you want to stay ahead of the game.

We’ve had many clients move to us after realising just how much better their system could be. They say things like “we had no idea practice management system could actually do all this.” It might be a report they’re used to doing manually, or an automated document template they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Technology is moving forward very quickly, and you’ll want a system that will keep up with your needs in the modern New Zealand law environment. Make sure you know what’s on offer.

Look at your systems, without regarding the monetary “cost”

Weigh up the pros and cons without an actual dollar figure beside them. Allow yourself to focus on what the software will deliver for you, without thinking of the price, and decide based on that.

If your software is “costing” you in productivity, staff happiness and output quality, chances are it’s affecting your bottom line a lot more than a simple monthly licence fee.

That’s the true cost of your practice management system. So call around, weigh up your options. You’re more than welcome to call us (or our biggest fans: our clients) if you’re interested in what OneLaw could do for you.

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