Pushing past fear of change

January 31, 2017 at 9:00 AM

“I welcome change, as long as nothing is altered or different.”

Laugh as we might, it’s true.

‘Tis the season of New Years resolutions, new goals, boundaries to push, old habits to break.

But when the Christmas wine wears off, the holidays pass you by and you suddenly find yourself back in the same old routine, it can be difficult to keep motivation and follow through. We find ourselves resisting change.

It might be your weight loss goals, home plans – even your law firm’s practice management system.

Change is uncomfortable, no doubt about it. But resisting it could be the one thing holding your firm back from reaching the next level.

The law world is constantly evolving, and practice management systems need to keep up. As America singer, TV personality and businessman Jimmy Dean once said: “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

So how do you bite the bullet? What’s going to help you make the decision?

Confidence that it’s the right one will go a long way.

Change was a big concern for Richmond Law Senior Partner Michael Abbott, even though he knew “on the first sight of OneLaw” that it had what his firm was looking for. While he was told the transition would be easy, staff were still worried there would be significant disruption when the time came to move, he said.

“But they told us it would be easy, and it was...everyone left the old system on the Friday, came in on the Monday and faced the different system. It was relatively straightforward to get used to, and most cottoned on to the new system almost immediately.”

Michael said Richmond Law has reaped many benefits from the change.

“As a rule, I would certainly recommend it [OneLaw] to anyone.”

At OneLaw we pride ourselves on being the legal practice management system of the future – constantly evolving in line with our clients needs and where we see the law industry going. We do this to ensure that you change once, you change right and after that, we take care of everything.

It’s easy. You can see how in our new intro video here.

We’re happy to talk you through what OneLaw could look like at your firm. Our job is to make the transition seamless, training light and your job ultimately easier. Sound too good to be true, like the turning-ordinary-food-into-superfood capabilities of the NutriBullet you got for Christmas? Try us.

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