Professionalism through automated document creation

July 19, 2016 at 3:00 PM

A significant part of your firm’s image is communicated by the documents you create.  Consistent style and branding through well laid out documents will reinforce your professional image.

We all know this, but creating well-formatted, elegant documents for clients takes time. The question is, how can you achieve this with only so many minutes in a day?

The answer: Automated document creation.

This works through a centrally managed, standard set of templates which you can automatically populate with variable data.

Many firms still use differing templates by user. The problem with this is a lack of consistency – that, and our tendency to be human (and make the odd mistake).

That’s where a programme like OneAuthor comes in. This is OneLaw’s automatic document template module, which went to market just last year but already has a solid, loyal customer base.

OneAuthor is fully integrated with the OneLaw system, meaning it can pull information from OnePractice and OneDesktop and use it to populate your documents.

This dramatically minimises risks through automatically populated content, especially when it comes to the likes of undertakings on a settlement statement.

It allows you to use templates and personalise any document - from a preformatted letter of engagement to building a court document, settlement statement or deed.


The document templates are set up by OneLaw’s support team, but one of the great benefits of OneAuthor is the autonomy your firm can achieve by creating and maintaining your own templates as you need them.

There is also the effortless professionalism that comes with standardised documents, and the time savings that come with creating them.

A high level of accuracy – both through automatically populated data and inbuilt calculators – becomes very achievable.

If you’re reusing a Microsoft Word document, deleting and adding information, the formatting takes time and you run the risk of making mistakes. Sally Rossiter, Document Solution Consultant, says OneAuthor eliminates these issues while saving valuable minutes.

“I’ve had clients tell me it took them three minutes to create a settlement statement – something that can take upward of twenty minutes if done manually.”

Even if it saves authors just five minutes (and a little frustration) each time they create a document, law firms will very quickly notice the results in both staff happiness and productivity.

Our staff here at OneLaw are always happy to discuss our solutions and how they can work for you – do get in touch. You can call us on (03) 3396202 or email


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