Openness: How working together changes everything

December 01, 2016 at 10:01 AM

You can’t do it all.

You can try, but you won’t do it well.

That’s why you can pay someone to design your house. It’s why you wouldn’t remove your own appendix, and you can ask someone else to plan your overseas holidays.

If you’re stretched for time and someone else – an expert in their area – can do something for you, it seems logical to get them on board, right?


That’s the exact logic the team here at OneLaw applied when looking at the software requirements of the law industry.

We know many of our clients use other programs to help them run their firm in the day-to-day, like Microsoft Office, payroll systems, general accounting packages, specialist workflow systems for conveyancing or trust management and the like.

Our customers started to ask us if we could create similar software. We wanted to help, but we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel.

We felt the best approach was to stick to our knitting, doing what we do best – practice and document management systems – and let other experts do their thing.

That’s why OneLaw is creating its own API (application programming interface) which allows it to “talk” to other applications, and effectively work together with them.

This means instead of trying to be a jack of all trades (and master of none, as the old saying goes) you work in with several integrated best-of-breed systems to create an end-to-end solution for your firm.

As legendary business educator Peter Drucker once said: “Do the right things, instead of trying to do everything right.”

This means your software will stay relevant well into the future – not just developing to meet your needs, but integrating with all kind of platforms you will find useful in the workplace.

Developing our own general ledger or accounts payable system made about as much sense to us as writing our own word processor or email system. We decided instead to integrate to Microsoft Office and to Xero’s API to talk to their general ledger system. 

The best part is that other software suppliers can use our API to talk to OneLaw. This will remove data duplication and ‘silos’ of information in our customer’s businesses, while allowing the development of some very cool add-ons.

Once the API is developed, almost any other software provider could have their programs integrated with ours.

A single client and matter database used by all systems? Yes!

A simple process to perform a land title search, save the title information into the electronic matter file, and post an expense to the matter to recover the cost? Very probable.

Pacman cruising across your screen? That’s probably a no from us.

So watch this space. You’ll hear more about our API development as it progresses. We believe it’s going to be of huge benefit to our customers, and they agree.

If you’ve got any questions, or would like to talk with us about how OneLaw could work for your firm, do get in touch. We’re here to chat. 

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