Introducing our new OneLaw partner

September 27, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Wine and cheese. Chilli and chocolate. OneLaw and a businessman with 30 years’ experience in the Law and IT industries. 

There’s nothing like a good partnership, and that’s exactly what OneLaw would like to formally announce this week with our new certified partner, Paul Molloy. 

Unprecedented demand for OneLaw’s systems in the Auckland region has caused us to look for ways to continue delivering positive outcomes for clients, and we believe partnering with Paul does exactly that. 

Paul is a businessman whose passion for delivering great IT outcomes has shaped his past 30 years in the industry. He’s worked with many document and practice management systems over the years – but when he found OneLaw, he knew he’d found something different. 

He said he was “delighted” to find something that exhibited such excellence. He was chomping at the bit to focus on our product almost exclusively – and gave us a call, just at the time business in Auckland started taking off. 

Was it a serendipity? Fate? We don’t know, but we knew a good thing when we saw it, so we decided to meet Paul and put him through his paces. 

We met with him at HQ, equipped him with all the info he could need (and more). 

Then we interviewed him. Got him using the software. Took him road tripping around the North Island with our chief architect, Doug Thomson. Introduced him to clients. Sent him out on his first solo demo. 

As far as we’re concerned, he’s passed the OneLaw test with flying colours. 

What we’ve found in Paul is a solid and dependable businessman who prides himself on honesty (honest salesman? Oxymoron?). He’s known for being upfront with clients – even if that means telling them they’d be better to look elsewhere. 

We like that. It fits with our ethos of working with (instead of selling to) law firms, and finding a solution that really works for them. 

So now Paul is a fully-fledged OneLaw certified partner, with OneLaw info in his briefcase, a profile on our website and our logo tattood on his arm. 

That last part is a joke, by the way. 

What’s not a joke though, is the positive impact Paul Molloy has already had for our clients. 

He knows North Island law firms well. He’s our man on the ground, helping create better outcomes for those firms. He’s available for demos and meetings, he can answer your questions, and we’re all a little freer to do our jobs as a result. 

We feel like you’ll agree: It’s a win-win situation. 

So welcome to the community, Paul Molloy.

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