How to: Create perfect documents in minutes

April 06, 2017 at 9:00 AM

There’s not a lot that could be more important to your firm’s branding and credibility than well-formatted and checked docments.

A misspelt word (like ‘documents’ in the above sentence) can be incredibly annoying. Just look at it.

If you’re annoyed, your customers probably are too.

Our point?

We all know documents need to look good.

Problem is, we often don’t often have time for tedious tasks such as meticulous checking and formatting. As they say: “Time is money. Especially when you are talking to a lawyer.”

When you need a solution to help you create documents – for anything from a settlement statement to a court document or deed – that’s when our OneAuthor templates step up.

OneAuthor is our automated document creation system, which works from inside Microsoft Word and integrates fully with your OneLaw practice management system.

It is a complete set of templates, personalised to your firm, which allows you to quickly and effortlessly create top-notch documents. It also allows greater consistency accross your firm – so no matter who is creating a document, it will look exactly the same.

The templates are complete with your branding, fitted to your needs – and they are designed to be automatically populated with client and matter information from within OneLaw.

Even better, we can train someone at your firm how to modify and create new templates, so you can be completely autonomous in this area.

The templates are also built to be incredibly ‘smart,’ automatically calculating any rates apportionments and the like for you, updating numbers in real time for accuracy you can depend on.

Once your information is populated, it usually takes just a few minutes to personalise as needed, add your narration and check spelling (and do make sure ‘documents’ is spelt right).

Then you’re good to go. Personalised, professional documents, created effortlessly within minutes. All this, at your fingertips.

If you’d like to have a quick squiz at how the templates work, check out our video here: OneAuthor info

And if you’re interested in a chat with us about how OneAuthor templates could help you save time, contact us, give us a call on 03 339 6202 or email us on enquiries@onelaw 

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