Future-proofing your firm

August 23, 2016 at 11:38 AM


There is no doubt that every business, everywhere, is intensely aware of how important this is (the ones that aren’t are either gone, or on their way out).

Technology is advancing at lightning speeds, obliterating any business that dares ignore it.

We’ve all seen the headlines:  The taxi industry - hit by Uber. The hotel industry, hit by Airbnb. Threats of robots taking over jobs left, right and centre.

There is no doubt your firm needs to keep up with changes. But how exactly do you do this?

You might set up a Facebook page, buy your employees smartphones, get a fancy new website.

But even buying a great new practice management system will not be enough: You need a system that’s more than just a flash product. You need a system that will keep up with your needs – even predict them - by advancing and reacting to industry changes well into the future.

It’s something we work towards at OneLaw – and it’s something our clients appreciate. Many of them have come to us after finding their old system was no longer progressing.

In software, the minute you stop innovating, you’re dead.

We do things a little differently.

Firstly, we work with clients to figure out what they want. Not in a “thank you for calling, we’ll just put you on hold” kind of way.

Some others simply ignore client feedback. It gets put on the back burner, leaving you frustrated, feeling they’re not listening to you (because they’re not).

We don’t like that kind of attitude. It’s why we maintain completely open lines of communication – meeting with you to discuss needs, chatting with you over the phone, getting your feedback via email. Even better, we actually take these needs on board for our developments.

New high-tech Wellington law firm,, chose our system for this very reason earlier this year.

Practice manager Glenda Stewart said it worked well with their focus on innovation.

“OneLaw fits our model because it is forward-thinking and new. With that comes more flexibility as it is still being developed and enhanced.”

She added that OneLaw is “very responsive” to their recommendations.

“We are all impressed with how OneLaw will keep enhancing their product in line with our recommendations as users.”

Not only does this allow you to provide faster, better service to your clients – it will also help you attract, and retain, the best in new talent.

The fresh-faced lawyers walking through the doors of your firm will expect it.

When your employees have weather information, social media and even their home heating controls at their fingertips they will certainly notice (read: resent) any archaic law firm management systems.

Your software might have looked great when it was originally sold to you. But the world of law moves on, and if your software is not progressing to keep up with this, you’re already overdue to start looking elsewhere.

Does that sound salesy? Possibly. But if you’re interested in how our systems really work – just ask our clients. They’re our biggest fans.



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