Client happiness: Keys to success

July 12, 2016 at 10:30 AM

It’s no secret that it is cheaper and easier to keep your current clients happy than to chase new ones.

But in this time of rapidly advancing technology and word of mouth, your client care has more power to make or break your business than ever before.

Client happiness should, therefore, be high on the agenda of every law firm – indeed on the agenda of every business, everywhere.

Some do this exceptionally well, but most have room to improve.

When it comes to great customer service, there are three key areas to look at.

Firstly, you need to build great client relationships. 

Building a client relationship is the same as building a friendship – it takes time and effort on your part.

Your client relationship should stem from a genuine interest. This can’t be faked.

It’s all about creating dialogue, greeting them by name, knowing how they take their coffee (or tea, for that matter).

Over time you should develop rapport with your client, and be able to talk about the things that are important to them.

You and your staff should be focusing on building relationships with your clients as if they were friends.

When you know your client, you’ll know their needs. 

To illustrate this, we’d like to draw your attention to a recent marketing campaign that exploded overnight.

It involves a supermarket chain, a mobile game app and a canny marketing team well worth their salt.

You have likely heard of Pokémon Go, a new augmented reality mobile game which sees its users collecting Pokémon characters through their phone apps at their local parks, shops… and even supermarkets.

Woolworths capitalised on this with a simple, humorous post on their Facebook page: “We’ve had several reports from customers around the country of wild Pokémon appearing in our stores. Here are some tips to catch ‘em all…”

What followed was almost 40,000 likes, 7000 shares and 15,000 comments: Regular Kiwis engaging with the supermarket chain in droves, sending in their photos of Pokémon in the chip aisle, making punny comments.

There was no big budget involved, no forced advertising. Just a good understanding of what was important to their customers – even if that was a mobile phone app.

Use this principle at your law firm, and you will see the results.

Follow up and reward your clients. 

Remember that time you got sent a flash bottle of wine as a thank-you for business, and it really ruined your day?

We don’t either. Everybody likes to feel appreciated.

Rewarding clients is a great way to build rapport, and even further business.

Call your clients, ask them for their feedback on your services and let them know their opinion matters to you.

Perhaps consider offering a “legal health check,” or give them a friendly phone call every now and then to see how they’re doing.

The more you can actively engage with your client and show your expertise, the more likely they will approach you for advice in future.

For your regular clients you might like to consider festive gifts, cards or emails – just let them know you value them.

If you can follow through with a plan like this, you will ensure you are the first port of call when your client needs a lawyer - perhaps they will recommend you to a friend too.

Here at OneLaw we are always trying to improve our customer service. We don’t always get it right, but we certainly try. If you’d like to let us know how we can serve you better, we’d love to hear from you -


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